A simple endless platform  runner game where you run away from the darkness chasing you behind in a CRT inspired visuals.

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Artwork by Arks @scissormarks

Music by DOS-88

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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Made withUnity


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i like the art and music, just some problem when jump, sometime i can double jump , sometime can't

To jumb you must be on top of a platform. Only the double jumb can be done in mid air, the first jumb require you to be on top of a platform. So you need to time the jumb properly when on top of a platform. I may fix this latter on but it also seem to be useful as it makes the game tougher as you go on.

Really digging both the visual and audio aesthetics of this one! Great job!

So pretty! Did you make the CRT effect yourself? It goes great with the pixel art. I also liked the varied music, but I found the controls to be a little bit stiff. That could be because I played it on a laptop keyboard, though. Still a lot of fun! My high score is a pitiful 208.

Awesome game :) The atmosphere is perfect, although I didn't like the screen shaking ^^;;; But I understand the aesthetics of it :) I see that you plan on releasing a full version of it, if you do so, maybe try to include options on reducing, or removing that ^^


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Thank you for trying out the game and Yes option to disable the camera or screen distortions will be given, cheers : )

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Great game! I love the art, music and general atmosphere but there are a few small things you could improve.

* Perhaps make the music continue even after you die? I die so early and it constantly restarting is a bit annoying. Excellent music though!

* I didn't know that there was a double jump until I played it for a while. Maybe add a small controls sheet where you can mention that double jump and wall jump are possible?

* Atmosphere and art are really great, but it would be nice to have a little less screen shake. You get used to it after playing for a while but it's jarring in the beginning.

* When going fast, the camera lags behind the character meaning it's hard to see what's in front of you. Usually it's a good idea to have the camera slightly ahead of the player so that they can see where they are going.

I also built a game for the weekly game jam, Darkness Defenders. It would mean a lot to me if you played it and gave me some feedback for it!

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Thank you for trying out the game and for feedback : )

The camera distortions will be reduced in future updates and a couple of fixes like you mentioned including support on android devices and will be available in play store (coming soon!) : )

Damm the game is totally amazing but I feel like some times the platform appears too high and its impossible to make the jump? I don't know I got into this situation a few times

Thank you for trying out my game and for you feedback : )

The problem you mentioned could be caused by the camera distortion effect which will increase with the distance you cover. It seems that I forgot to implement a limit at the distortion so its distortion may increase a lot too much making it seem like the platform is above (Oopsie!). 

I will be updating the game later on with the fixes you guys mentioned and android support and placing it in google play store : ) 

Great graphics and love the music! Only suggestion would be to make the camera shake a little more subtle because in its current state it can be quite distracting from the game play.

I gotta agree with /u/Shukelven, the atmosphere of the game is great!

The graphics are really good and love the music as well.

The camera could use a little tweaking so you can see a little bit more ahead of you but other than that it's great!

Thanks for trying the game out. The camera was purposely made to bring more distortion as you cover more distance to better give the CRT feel in the game.